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What is a Player Prop Challenge?

Monkey Knife Fight offers a new twist to Daily Fantasy Sports through their player prop challenges. They offer 3 types of player props contests. The “Rapidfire”, “Over/Under” and “Stat Shootout” games allows for quick selection of team, which can be as simple as choosing two players your predict to meet the player prop challenge.

These Player Prop Challenges allow you, the player, to quickly set up a roster. With player prop challenges, for each roster spot you are either choosing whether a player performs above or a below a stat total in a specific category (Points, Rebounds, Assists, etc) or whether player A or player B will do better in specific category.

Instead of the typical Daily Fantasy Sports, where it’s the total fantasy points for your roster from a set of multiple games, MKF prop contests are individual player prop for each roster spot. In order to win your MKF prop fight contest, you must choose the outcome correctly for each roster spot. The more roster spots, the more difficult the challenge. As a result, the greater the roster spots the greater the prize bonus for your “bet”


More Fun to the Long NBA Season

The NBA and MKF is basically the perfect DFS marriage to bring new entertainment for the grueling length of the NBA regular season. When it comes to playing DFS, there’s almost a half of year games in the NBA that you need to set your team for the classic Daily Fantasy Sport leagues/providers. To help break up the monotony, Monkey Knife Fight gives you a twist to DFS and offers of player prop challenges. Sometimes regular season games get to feel stagnant, but MKF Player Props adds that extra little incentive to games you are already watching.


NBA Lobby


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How to Play

To get started, pick the sport you wish to play, once you are in that sports league MKF Lobby, pick a game in that League. As an example we will use the NBA, and select LA Lakers vs OKC Thunder.


NBA Lobby – Lakers vs Thunder


All the types of player prop challenges (“Rapidfire”, “Over/Under” and “Stat Shootout”) requires a roster of 2 to 6 players, depending on which game you choose. All games are only between two teams in a league game and players available will be chosen by MKF.

Some games, like Rapidfire, are choosing who will be better between two players, on opposing teams, for a statistical category. Both the players and stat category are pre-chosen by MKF. For Over/Under games you will simply choose if the pre-chosen player will perform below or above the stat category. But “Star Shootout” games you will choose your team, from a list of players from both teams.


Types of Games

Monkey Knife Fight offers 3 types of contest, each with a different strategy. Each one offers a unique twist to Daily Fantasy Sports. The contest will be based on a game for that day, and the available players will be chosen from those two teams.



For “Rapidfire” contests, you will need to choose between two players for each roster spot. When selecting between two player, you will need to predict who will perform better in one specific stat category, with a point spread. MKF gives points to the underdog, so the overdog must beat them by the points given. Each spot may have a different stat category or possibly the same. For example, you may need to choose who will cover the spread between Lebron James and Danilo Gallinari and +5.5 points spread. For the second spot, you will need to choose whether Chris Paul or Rajon Rondo will cover the +0.5 assists.


MKF NBA Rapid Fire


To win a “Rapidfire” contest, your roster of players must all be the correct prediction in their individual prop challenge. For each roster spot, the player you predict who will cover the spread – the player with the higher stat total, factoring in plus points given to the underdog.



For “Over/Under” contests, your roster will be pre-chosen by Monkey Knife Fight. For each player, you will simply need to predict whether they will perform below or above the total stat for one specific stat category. It is possible that each player that is pre-chosen will have a different stat category. For example, you may need to predict whether Lebron James will scorer above or below 25.5 Points, and for Anthony Davis you must predict whether he grabs below or above 8.5 rebounds.


MKF NBA Over/Under


To win a “Over/Under” contest, your roster of players must all win their individual over or under prediction you gave them.


Stats Shootout

For Stats Shootout contests, you will choose your roster based on the total stats for one specific stat category, like Point, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals and Turnovers, listed in the contest. In some cases it can be a combinations of two stat categories, like the combination of Points and 3-pointers made.

After picking your team, you will then select a goal for the contests chosen stat category. There is usually 3 choices of goals to choose, from each one having a different “prize factor”. For example, if it’s a Rebounds Stats Shooting contest, aka “Glass Cleaner”, you may have an option to choose a goal of 29.5 rebounds, with a 1.8x prize factor; 33.5 rebounds, 3x prize factor; 37.5 rebounds, 4x prize factor.


MKF Choose your Prize Factor


For those looking for NBA player prop challenges based on assists, check out “Dropping Dimes”.


MKF NBA Dropping Dimes


For those looking for NBA player prop challenges based on rebounds, check out “Glass Cleaner”.


MKF NBA Glass Cleaner


For those looking for NBA player prop challenges based on points, check out “Scoring Champ”.


MKF NBA Scoring Champ


For those looking for NBA player prop challenges based on 3-pointers made, check out “3pt Shootout”.


MKF NBA 3pt Shootout


For those looking for NBA player prop challenges based on points and 3-pointers made, check out “4pt play”.


MKF NBA 4pt Play


For those looking for NBA player prop challenges based on classic fantasy points, check out “Fantasy Challenge”.


MKF NBA Fantasy Challenge


To win a Stats Shootout contest, your roster of players must accumulate more than the stated goal, that you picked, in a specific stats category.


All Available Players – Star Shootout

MKF offers a variation to Over/Under, Rapid Fire and Stats Shootout contests that gives access to players from more than one contest. For example, that means that you can build your roster from multiple games, like Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks vs Philadelphia 76ers, Portland Trailblazers vs Houston Rockets, etc. (Note: the majority of contests are just for the two teams in one NBA game, for that day)

To access the Star Shootout, you must go to the MKF NBA Lobby and select the “ALL” button. This will display all contests for the day, and you will see the “Star Shootout” games are now available. To help make them easier to find, they will have a green bar that say “Stars From Multiple Games”.


MKF NBA Lobby – All Games


Depending on the number of games in a day, you may see up to 3 Star Shootout contests.

  • All Day – Teams and players from available games
  • Early Games – Teams and players from Early Games
  • Late Game – Teams and players from Late Games

When you select this option, you will have the option to choose Over/Under, Rapid Fire and Stats Shootout contests. If you look at the top, you will see all available teams for that day.

We will show an example of an Over/Under contest that has 8 Roster Spots and also a whopping 100x prize factor!


MKF Star Shootout – Over/Under



Create a Team Roster

Each contest you enter, you must select a roster. The size of roster is choosable by you. The more roster spots, the higher degree of difficulty for choosing all roster spots correctly. Since the difficulty is higher, the prize factor for winning that contest is higher.

As an example, 2 player roster for “Rapidfire” has a 3x prize factor while a 5 player roster for “Rapidfire” has a 20x prize factor.

Your selection of players that are available for your roster will be from a specific game in a league, like the NBA, and the teams in a live game for that day, like LA Lakers vs OKC Thunder. Using this example, MKF will pre-choose the players from the Lakers and Thunder for “Rapidfire” and “Over/Under” contests where you will predict the winner.


MKF NBA – Choose Roster for Over/Under


In the case of “Stat Shootout” contests, you will be given a list of players from the Lakers and Thunder that you predict to have the highest score for the one particular stat listed in that contest.


MKF NBA – Choose Roster for Stat Shootout


As you can see, these MKF player prop contests are a more intriguing way to complete a roster compare to classic DFS roster selection.



Since it is now NBA season, we will cover scoring as it relates to MKF Player Prop challenges for NBA games.


Rapid Fire

Scoring for Rapid Fire is based on one stats category and which player will receive a higher stat compared to a player on the opposing team. MKF gives points to the underdog. So you must predict the player that covers the spread.

For example, using the Points stat, you would just need to choose if Player A or Player B will have more Points. The same will apply to stats categories like Assists, Rebounds, Steals or Blocks.

For each player on a roster, you will need to properly predict whether the player you choose, beats the spread, for that stat category. Each roster spot, may have different stat categories.

Rapid Fire rosters, for NBA games, can be roster sizes of 2, 3, 4 or 5. The more roster spot, the higher the bonus you can win. You must guess the correct outcome for each roster spot to win.



Scoring for Over/Under is based on one stat category and if that player will be above or below the MKF “player predictions presented” for that stat category.

For example, there will be a roster, pre-chosen by MKF, of players from both teams. You will need to properly predict whether those players stats will be Over or Under the MKF “player predictions presented” for each challenge. It is common to see Points used as the Over/Under stat, but you may possibly need to guess the Over/Under for Assists, Rebounds, Steals or Blocks. Note Over/Under will also have a variation of Total Fantasy Based scoring.

For each player on a roster, Over/Under player prop challenge will be based on one stat category only. Each roster spot will have a different stat category.

Over/Under rosters, for NBA games, can have roster sizes of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. The more roster spot, the higher the bonus you can win. You must guess the correct outcome for each roster spot to win.


Stat Shootout

Scoring for Stat Shootout you need to select a roster that will accumulate the most points for a statistical category. You will also need to select your goal, amongst 3 choices. Each choice will have a different prize factor, the highest goal having the highest prize factor. The lowest goal will have the lowest prize factor.

For NBA prop challenges you can choose amongst Assists (“Dropping Dimes”), Points (“Scoring Champ”), Rebound (“Glass Cleaner”), 3-pointers (“3 Point Shootout”), to name some of the games.


MKF Stat Shootout – Choose Prize Factor


For example, there will be a roster you need to fill out. For each roster spot, you will need to properly predict whether the player you choose, beats the spread, for that stat category. Each roster spot, may have different stat categories.


Fantasy Scoring Based Contests- NBA

MKF offers a variation of scoring using Fantasy Points. You can find these games for the Fantasy Challenge and also Rapid Fire and Over/Under challenges.

Here is how MKF scores fantasy points for NBA type challenges.

  • Point: 1
  • Assist: 1.5
  • Rebound: 1.2
  • Steal: 3
  • Block: 3
  • Turnover: -1

Fantasy points will be the total points accumulated for that player in the Points, Assists, Rebounds, Steals, Blocks and Turnover stats categories.


Fantasy Points Based Scoring – Others

For Fantasy Based Scoring in other sports like NFL, MLB, NHL, Soccer and/or other sports leagues, we recommend check out the MKF website for the latest scoring.


Cancelled NBA Contests

For NBA games, MKF contests will be cancelled if the players does not play a minute in a game, due to injuries, coach’s DNP, etc. If a player on your roster or an opposing player on an Over/Under game does not play, that contest will be cancelled.

When a contest is cancelled, you will receive your buy-in back and credited to your account.


Cancelled MKF Contest

In general, for other sports, when a player involved in a contest doesn’t play, that contest will be credited. As of writing, here are some of the definition

  • NFL – The player was inactive during the game.
  • NBA – The player has zero minutes of playing time.
  • MLB – The player has not been listed in the starting lineup.
  • NHL – The player has zero minutes of ice time.
  • GOLF – The player does not record any stats in a round.
  • SOCCER – The player does not start in a match.

To learn more about MKF cancellations for other sports leagues, check the MKF FAQ for the latest definitions.


Create an MKF Account

Now that you’ve seen how Monkey Knife Fight player prop contests work, you’re probably interested in creating a MKF account.

When you go to the MKF website for the first time, you will see a yellow “Sign Up” button at the top of the page. Click on that to see the Sign-Up Form.

The first form will ask for User Information.


Sign-up User Information


  • User Name
  • Password
  • Password Confirmation
  • E-mail

On this form there will be a link for you to read the MKF “Terms & Conditions”. Make sure to read this because creating an account means you accept the “Terms & Conditions” for MKF. It is always good practice, for your benefit, to read the Terms and Conditions.

After you submit the User Information form, you will be asked fill in your Personal Information


Sign-up Personal Information


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • Country
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Birthday

After you filled out the form, press the “Submit” button to create your MKF account.

You are now ready to have fun at MKF!


Deposit into an MKF Account

Now that your account is created, you can make your first deposit to your MKF account.

To go to the Cashier, click on the “Add Funds” button on the left sidebar menu. If you are on a mobile phone, click on the menu icon to see the menu.


Left Sidebar Menu


Currently MKF only accepts Credit Cards to make a deposit. You will have the option to use a Mastercard or Visa Credit/Debit Card. There is a minimum deposit amount of $10.

When you click on the “Add Funds” link, you will first be asked to enter your deposit amount. You can choose from the predefined deposit amounts of $10, $25, $50 or $2500. You can also enter the exact amount you wish deposit. On this page, you can enter your promo code. For example you can claim our recommended FANTASYBALL promo code. After entering the promo code, click on the “Next” button.


Deposit with Credit Card


On this page, you will be asked to “Add” a credit card if you haven’t done so already. Click the green “Add” button and you will see the form to enter your Credit Card Information to save on file.


Deposit Credit Card Information


  • Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • CCV

Press the “Save Card & Continue” Button to use this Credit Card. You can also choose to “Remember” card for future use.

After you add your Credit Card, you can now press the “Deposit” button to submit payment to fund your account. You should see your account credited soon and if you claimed the welcome bonus you should see the bonus funds added too.


Submit your Deposit



Claim a Promo Code

To claim a MKF Deposit Bonus you can do so at the time of entering your deposit amount. There will be a “Have a Promo Code?” link that you must click on to reveal the promo code input box. When the input box is visible, enter your desired promo code.


Enter Your Promo Code


If you want to claim 100% Deposit Bonus, use the FANTASYBALL promo code.


Bonus Funds

When you claim our recommended Welcome Bonus, which gives new players a 100% Deposit Match for their deposit, the deposit match will be credited to your PENDING BONUS account.

For example, if you make a $50 deposit and use the promo code FANTASYBALL, you will receive the 100% deposit match. You will then see $50 added to your “Pending Bonus” account.


Convert Bonus Funds

Now that you have money in your “Pending Bonus” account, you cannot withdraw the money right away. MKF uses an incremental method to convert Bonus Funds to withdrawable cash. When you enter an MKF contest, there is a buy-in amount for that contest. When you have a “Pending Bonus” funds, a portion of your buy-in will convert to withdrawable cash at a rate of 4%.

Using the previous example, you would have $50 in your “Pending Bonus” account. If you were to enter a Rapid Fire contest and choose the $20 buy-in, the 4% conversion rate would be applied to this buy-in amount ($20 buy-in x 4% conversion). That would mean $0.80 would now be cashable and your “Pending Bonus” account will show $49.20, reflecting the $0.80 deduction.


Withdraw from an MKF Account

When you are ready to withdraw money, go to left sidebar menu and select the “Withdraw Funds” link. This will take you to the page to make a withdrawal. You can also get to this page, by going to your account and selecting the “Withdraw Funds” tab. Here you will be able to make a withdrawal payment from MKF.



On this page there are 3 types of balances: Account Balance, MKF Dollars Balance and Available for Withdrawal Balance. The important one for making a withdraw is the “Available for Withdrawal” Balance. You will need a minimum of $20 in here to make a withdrawal request. Just for note, “MKF Dollars” is your bonus funds which is non cashable and “Account” is the amount you can use to enter MKF contests. “Account” Balance can include bonus funds in “MKF Dollars” and real money deposits you made with your credit card.

As of writing, MKF offers payment in the form of ACH or Intercheck payment.

If you choose ACH payment, you will need to fill out your banking information for the saving or checking out you wish to receive payment.


Add Your Banking Information


  • Bank Account Type
  • Routing Number
  • Bank Account Number

There is also a link the the “MKF Withdrawal Terms” Make sure to read this and click on the checkbox to accept the terms.

Click on the “Add Account” button and you will be able to request your payment.

For Intecheck, simply enter the amount you wish to withdraw.


Intercheck Information


As a reminder, there is a minimum withdrawal amount of $20. The processing time can take anywhere from 3-5 business days. If you request more than $600 within a calendar, MKF will ask you to provide additional information, like your social security number and mailing address.


Monkey Knife Fight Availability

As of writing, Monkey Knife Fight is available for playing for those of age 18 years, or over, and reside in in the following states:


During the process, MKF will ask players to supply a form of identification to prove your name, residential address, and date of birth.


Customer Service

If you need to contact MKF Customer Service, click on the yellow “Help?” button that appear on all pages, in the bottom right corner. This will open up a pop-up form where you will be asked to enter your email and question for Customer Service. You can optionally enter your name or username. This information may be ideal if you have account specific questions that the Customer Service rep may need to lookup and help speed up your request.


Contact MKF Customer Service


From past experience, MKF was able to respond and address issues with our account within 10 minutes. Obviously your mileage may vary, but that is a good sign for how attentive Customer Service was for our request.

Ready to give Monkey Knife Fight a try? Click here to open your new MKF account!


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