DraftKings is one of the leaders of daily fantasy sports. Whether you are new daily fantasy sports or a long time player, DraftKings offers various levels of contests.

New customers can sign-up and receive credit to play for one of the many contests. Once signed up, you can use that credit to enter one of these contests with a chance to win money.

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Register Your New Account

Sign-up a new account at DraftKings to obtain your free tournament ticket.


To sign-up, you will need fill in the form with a username, valid email, password, date of birth to a DraftKings account. Additional info for confirmation requires your current and state/province.


Make sure to leave your promo field, blank. This allows you to receive your free contests entry, plus additional benefits given to new customers that sign-up with DraftKings.

The last step is to review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Once you are done, click the “Sign Up” button to complete your sign-up process.

NOTE: DraftKings only accepts customers from North America (the United States and Canada). The exception to this are customers who reside in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Washington due to state law restricting cash prizes.


Making a Deposit

To get started with your new account, you must deposit real money from an account. Acceptable credit types include a Credit Cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa) , Debit Card or PayPal account.

From the image below, you can see you have the option to deposit $25/$100/$250/$600 or Other (specify your desired amount, minimum of $5).

Once you deposit money, you will receive your free ticket to enter a $3 contest.


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DraftKings Frequent Player Points

DraftKings offers a frequent player points system for loyal customers. You receive points anytime you enter a real contest. The higher the contest entry fee, the more points your receive. Freerolls are excluded from receiving points.

Checking Your FPP


You can then redeem your FPP’s to purchase contest tickets to enter real contests and win real money. To see the contests, visit the DraftKings’ store.

Enter Contest By Redeeming Your FPP’s image of DraftKing’s store


How DraftKings Works

DraftKings offers paid “Contests” and free “Leagues”. Paid “Contests” you enter a public pool and compete against others in that same contests. Each “Contest” has a different max number of contestants, different entry fee, different reward based on the type of contest you enter. Your 3 choices are “Classic”, “Showdown” and “Pick ‘Em”. “Leagues” offer you a chance to play against your friends or co-workers in a private room.


How to Play Fantasy Basketball on DraftKings

The options for contests to choose from are “Classic”, “Showdown” and “Pick ‘Em”. All contests are daily and available players are based on specific games. Each contest you select position players based according to the rules. Scoring is similar in all three.

Below are the three types of contests available for NBA contests.


NBA Classic


“NBA Classic” games are contests based on salary caps. You will select your line-up based on the “Player Pool” from games that are available for that contest.

Lineups for “NBA Classic” contests requires 8 players. For players 1-5, you must choose one of each position player (1 PG, 1 SG, 1 SF, 1 PF, 1 C). Next you will select one guard (1 PG or 1 SG), to be your 6th player. For your 7th player, you will select one forward (1 SF or 1 PF). The final position, will be you utility player, who can be from any position. These players must be selected from any team team on at least 2 scheduled games.

Various types of “NBA Classic” contests are based on a “Game Set” made up of multiple scheduled games for a give date.


NBA Showdown


“NBA Showdown” games are contests based on salary caps. You will select your line-up based on the “Player Pool” from each team on the game that are available for that contest. NOTE: “Game Set” for “NBA Showdown” is always one game.

Lineups for “NBA Showdown” contests requires 6 players to be chosen from both opposing teams in that “Game Set”, which is always one game for “NBA Showdown” contests. You may select players from any position.

Various types of “NBA Showdown” contests are based on the two opposing teams in one scheduled game.


NBA Pick’Em


“NBA Pick’Em” games are contests based on tier system. You will select your line-up based on the “Player Pool” from games that are available for that contest.

Lineups for “NBA Pick’Em” contests require you pick one player from each Tier. You only need to pick players based on their Tier, no need to worry about a player’s position or cost. These players must be selected from any team on at least 2 scheduled games.

Various types of “NBA Pick’Em” contests have a different number of Tiers based on the Game Set.


Create A Private NBA League for You and Your Friends


“NBA League” is your personal private league to compete with friends. You can invite friends to your newly setup league by searching for their DraftKings username or inviting by email.


You can then choose your contest to be free or paid entry fee, and determine how you like the payout structure for your league to be.

Next you choose the recurring weekly contest mode. This will automatically create the contest for the next week, and notify members that new week is ready.

Members in your league will be able to see a private leaderboard to keep track of scores, overall standings, past results and future contests.

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