FanDuel is the second largest daily fantasy sports providers in the world. Games are open to open to customers of various levels.

New users can sign-up to enter FanDuel’s current promotion as seen on ESPN and other media outlets.

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Registering and Redeeming FanDuel’s newest promo

New users to FanDuel can sign up to enter FanDuel’s latest promotions.

$20 Deposit Bonus

You will receive a $20 deposit bonus for your first deposit of $5 or more.


Free Entry Into an NFL Contest

You can enter an NFL contest for FREE.


Play For Free If You Don’t Cash

After playing the free contest, and you do not cash out. You can play another contest in that same sport for free again.


Important Rules To Receive Your Bonus

You must use up your total deposit amount before withdrawing money.



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Create a New FanDuel Account

To join FanDuel and create a new account, click on “Join” at the top right or the “Play Now” button in the middle of the screen.


This will take you to a form to start playing at FanDuel. You will need to provide you Full Name, Email, Screen Name and Password. As a reminder, make sure to leave the “promocode” or “referral username” empty.


Making a Real Money Deposit

Once you have created an account, you will need to deposit real money from your Visa, MasterCard or Discover Credit Card to receive your free credit bonus. If you want to use your Amex credit card, you can also deposit from your PayPal account. You do not have to deposit money right away.

If you aren’t currently logged in, you will need to provide your username and password. Once you logged in, click on the “ADD FUNDS” button in the top right.


You will have the option to deposit $5, $25, $100 or $250. There is also a fifth option “Custom”, this will allow you to enter any amount you desire.



Once you make your initial you will be eligible for the latest FanDuel promo offer, as detailed in the next section.


How the FanDuel Promotion Works


NFL Free Entry Voucher

New users that register for an account will receive a NFL Play Free Til You Win voucher as soon as they complete their registration. No deposit is required to receive these vouchers. You can check your notifications at the top to easily redeem.


With each voucher you can enter only 1 contest. Each voucher has an expiration date, so make sure to check your notification or voucher page to not lose out on these free opportunities to win.


Another Chance at Play Free Til You Win

If you do not receive a cash prize, FanDuel will give you another opportunity to try again and give you a Play Free Til You Win voucher, for that same sport. These vouchers are usually for the next day. FanDuel will continue to give you another Play Free Til You Win vouchers until you win in that same sport.


$20 Deposit Bonus

The “$20 Deposit Bonus” promotion is based on your initial deposit. All you need to do is make a deposit of at least $5 and you will get the deposit bonus. FanDuel has made it simpler and removed the bonus tiers based on your deposit amount. No more pressure to deposit more to receive a higher deposit bonus.

This $20 bonus in free play gives you an opportunity to win cash cash prizes. You can use the bonus to fund one or multiple contests. The choice is yours. So make sure to take this serious as this a free opportunity to earn yourself winnings.

Just to note this deposit bonus will be removed from your account after 21 days. The deposit can only be used for free play and cannot be withdraw for cash.


How to Use Your FanDuel Points

FanDuel Points (FDP) you can receive as Bonus Play from contest you enter. You can use FDP you collect to purchase entries into paid contests. The current value for 2,400 FDP is $1 in entry fees. To see your current FDP earned, click on your profile.

As of 8/1/2017, FanDuel has stated that account balances will expire after one year of inactivity.


How FanDuel Works

FanDuel offers many contests. When you are signed-in you can go to the Lobby and sort by sports league. Most contests for NBA should finish within a 24-hours period. You can choose from various different type of contest format, this will be described in detail below. Here is an example of the NBA Beginners contest process.


NBA Beginners Contest – How to Play Fantasy Basketball on FanDuel

After you make your initial deposit, FanDuel offers a Beginners contest with a step-by-step information bubbles to guide you through the process.

This takes you to the Lobby for Beginner contests. From here you can filter available contests by selecting Game Styles (Full Roster, Single Game, Single Game Boost), entry fee (free to $50,000) or entry type (Single Entry or Satellites & Qualifiers).

NBA Beginners Contest Lobby


Once you select a contest you like. You should check Summary and Prizes tab, to see info and payout about the contest you are about to enter.

NBA Beginners Mini Swat – Prize Summary


The other important info to find out about the contest is the Scoring Breakdown. Contests can vary in scoring depending on how they are setup.

NBA Beginners Mini Swat – Scoring Breakdown

When you are ready you can press the green “Enter new Lineup” button. This takes you to the following screen. From here you can filter the available players by Game Time and Position. You can sort the players by fields such as Name, Fantasy Point Per Game (FPPG) or Salary.

NBA Beginners Mini Swat – Choosing Your Lineup


After you select your first player, you will see the salary of that player deduct from the total to show your remaining salary, as well as salary used.

NBA Beginners Mini Swat – Your Remaining Salary

Once you have filled out your roster, you can press the green “Enter” button submit your roster for competition.

NBA Beginners Mini Swat – Enter Your Lineup

You are now at the confirmation of entry success page, this shows you the contest’s name and details. Your FDP you will receive on settlement is displayed in the green notification bar, towards the top of the screen. You also see the roster you just selected and have the option to challenge friends or enter other contest quickly with the same lineup.

NBA Beginners Mini Swat – Your Lineup has been successfully entered


The other types of NBA contests (Tournaments, Beat the Score, Multipliers, Head to Head, 3-100 Players and 50/50s are similar. All contest will have a different form of prizes, so click on the contest to learn. The different contest types will have slightly different rules, as described below, as well as different scoring, depending on each contest. So be sure you read each contest Summary, Prizes and Scoring Rules before entering.



“Tournaments” are high-paying contests with guaranteed prize pools. Tournament contests can vary in contest size and prizes. There are some contests where you compete against a larger field, but also more winners are in the prize pool with also bigger prizes. For those that prefer a smaller field to compete against, there are also contests with fewer contestants.


  NBA Tournaments – Scoring Breakdown


NBA Tournaments – Summary & Prizes


NBA Tournaments – Scoring Breakdown



Beat the Score

“Beat the Score” is a type of tournament where the prize pool is shared across all winners that get a score higher than the stated score. So if the score to beat is 290 points and 20 out 50 contestants get a score of 290 and above. The prize pool will be divided evenly among the 20 winners. If no one gets above 289, all entry fees will be returned.


  NBA Beat the Score – Lobby


NBA Beat the Score – Summary & Prizes


NBA Beat the Score – Scoring Breakdown


NBA Beat the Score – Enter and Existing Lineup from a Previous Contest


NBA Beat the Score – Enter a New Lineup


NBA Beat the Score – Lineup Has Been Successfully Entered –>  



“Multipliers” is a contest where the prize pool receives a payout that is multiple of their entry fee. So if you enter a NBA Double Up ($5) and you place in the contests winner bracket you will receive $10 (2x $5).


NBA Multiplier – Contest Lobby


NBA Multiplier – Summary & Prizes


NBA Multiplier – Scoring Breakdown



Head to Heads

“Head to Head” is a contest where you compete against one opponent. The player with higher of the two scores wins.

  NBA Head to Head – Lobby


NBA Head to Head- Summary & Prizes


NBA Head to Head- Scoring Breakdown



3-100 Player

“3-100 Player” is a contest with fewer players to compete against, as well as smaller winners bracket. So if you enter a NBA 10-Player League ($25 – Top 3 Win), you are entering a 10-player league, with a $25 entry fee, where the top 3 scores win. There are different payouts, so be sure to read the descriptions.


  NBA 3-100 Player – Lobby


NBA 3-100 Player – Summary & Prizes


NBA 3-100 Player – Scoring Breakdown




“50/50” is a contest where half of all entries win. So if you enter a NBA 50/50 League ($10 – Top 50% Win) contest that accepts 20 participants, 20 people will be in the winners prize pool


  NBA 50/50 – Scoring Breakdown  


NBA 50/50 – Summary & Prizes  


NBA 50/50 – Scoring Breakdown  



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